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"To help conserve the landscapes of Namibia, to protect the wildlife, and to improve the lives of the people we work with through sustainable innovative commercial activity".

Based just 45km from Namibia's capital, Windhoek, the wildlife sanctuary aim to provide a safe haven for injured, orphaned and conflict animals. Wherever possible, their goal is to release the animals back into the wild in a safe and controlled manner, with the foundation directing all of it's efforts towards the long term rehabilitation of animals. 

Unfortunately, not all animals are able to be released into the wild due to habilitating injuries or being too habituated to be able to successfully survive on their own, meaning they will spend the rest of their days at the sanctuary. As a volunteer you will be actively involved in ensuring these animals receive a good quality of life, enrichment and exercise.

There are a number or projects that you could join during your time with the foundation.

- Wildlife Sanctuary Conservation Volunteer
- Primary School Education Volunteer "Full Time" (4 week minimum stay)
- Rhino Rangers
- TimBila Nature Reserve Volunteer
- Kanaan Desert Retreat Volunteer Experience
- Medical Volunteering at the Lifeline Clinic
- Equine Experience
- Neuras Wine and Wildlife Estate Adventure Week

Cost (2022 Rates)

2 Weeks from £975

Additional costs for Neuras, Kanaan and TimBila projects to cover internal travel costs

icons8-meal-48 (1).png

All Meals Included


Min Stay 7 Nights (14 Recommended)

(Ideally Monday or Thursday Arrival)


Age 18+ 

What's included:
- Transfers for arrival and departure from Hosea Kutako International Airport WDH
- Linen

- Housekeeping & Laundry Service
- Orientation and Training for Activities
- All Project Activities
- Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
(excludes own snacks, soft drinks and alcohol but these can be purchased on site)
Electronic Certificate from Project




During your time at the main sanctuary you will be taking part in a number of activities taking place on a rotational basis. Some of these activities include: 

Carnivore Feeding
Prepare to throw food to the resident lion, leopard, cheetahs, hyenas and wild dog, getting a front row seat to their meal time. The project coordinators will share their impressive knowledge and background on each carnivore you visit. 

Cheetah Run & Observation
You may get a chance to observe and assess the resident Cheetah's physical health by taking part in this enrichment activity, designed to mimic hunting in the wild.

Baboon Walk
Sadly these primates are considered a pest in Namibia and often get shot, leaving a lot of orphan young the sanctuary take in who would not be able to survive on their own in the wild. You'll assist in caring for these very social animals and accompanying them on enrichment walks through the bush. 

Reserve Research & Animal Tracking
Take a trip into the neighbouring Zannier reserve to assist in the monitoring of their high profile animals and general wildlife. You will be retrieving, sorting and analysing camera trap images to help gather a better understanding of the animals in the area. You will also use GPS and VHF tracking in search of high profile wildlife that have been released onto the property including elephant and lion!

Wildlife Sanctuary Volunteer
Nankuse Foundation Wildlife Volunteering Africa
Nankuse Foundation Wildlife Volunteering Namibia, Africa
Naankuse Foundation Wildlife Volunteering Namibia Africa

TO NOTE: Volunteering at the school is only available during Namibia operating school dates



Volunteers wanting to experience the joys of a primary school catering to the needs of those children who would otherwise not be able to benefit from education, can choose to volunteer "full-time" at the Sanctuary based N/a'an ku sê Primary School where during Monday to Friday's you will be assigned exclusively to school related activities.  

Hours of involvement 
7h00 to 12h00 (school hours); 14h30 to 17h00 (sport and extra-curricular activities).

- Qualification in or in the process of completing a qualification in teaching.
- Experience within the field of teaching.
- Police clearance certificate from your home country. 

What are some of the things you will be doing?

Classroom Chores
Handing out assignments, tidying up, preparing daily presentations

Child Management 

Leading/Assisting children with proper conduct (for example) going to the bathroom, tidying their shoes, washing hands after playtime etc.

Lesson Observation
Listen and observe the teacher's lessons, using this opportunity to learn.

Presenting Activities or Classroom Tasks

You may be asked to present in the classroom, in like with the curriculum.

Naankuse Foundation Wildlife Volunteering Namibia Africa
Naankuse Foundation Wildlife Volunteering Namibia Africa
Naankuse Foundation Wildlife Volunteering Namibia Africa
Nankuse Foundation Wildlife Volunteering Namibia, Africa




Specifically tailored to emphasize the dire necessity of protecting threatened species, this programme immerses participants in the exhilarating realm of anti-poaching methods and challenges. 

You will be learning from the dedicated Anti-Poaching Unit (APU), joining on their patrols, master firearm skills, navigation, tracking techniques and the science of poaching itself - to defeat you need to understand. 

What are some of the things you will be doing?


- Joining APU members on active patrol (a good level of physical fitness is a must!)
- Learning age old tracking skills
- Building observation points
- Overnighting on the Zannier reserve
- Receive basic weapon training
- Learn navigation skills and map reading
- Monitoring Rhino and other at risk wildlife
- Learning about anti-poaching techniques and the global effects of poaching
- Meet and work with anti-poaching canines


Whilst on this programme you will be staying in the heart of the Zannier Reserve.
- Basic furnished tents at Camp Wild Dog and Camp Lion
- Hot water showers
- All food rations and water provided (dietary requirements also catered for)
- Braai (barbecue) with drinks on the final night

Rhino Rangers
Nankuse Foundation Wildlife Volunteering Africa Namibia




Dubbed "the place of second chances" this 30 000 hectare Nature Reserve is serving as a vital release site for conflict carnivores across Namibia. 

What are some of the things you will be doing?


- Maintenance of camera traps and analysing the collected images
- Monitoring GPS data from collared animals including lion, wild dog and elephant
- Monitoring any newly released wildlife and participating in releases (if the occasion arises)
- Learn tracking skills 
- Game counts
- Research of local ecology
- Carnivore research including kill site investigations
- Physical reserve maintenance


Nankuse Foundation Wildlife Volunteering Namibia, Africa
Nankuse Foundation Wildlife Volunteering Namibia, Africa




In the south, bordering the Namib Naukluft Park lies the Kanaan Desert Retreat, nestled amongst red sand dunes, vast open grass plains and imposing mountain ranges. Home to an array of desert-adapted wildlife volunteers will get involved in vital conseration activities whilst enjoying the bautifully unique surroundings. 

What are some of the things you will be doing?


- Hiking (good level of physical fitness is a must!)
- Maintaining and analysing camera trap images
- Game counts
- Environmental rehabilitation including wire braiding
- Reserve maintenance and security 
- Forest conservation revegetation project and learning about the desert
- Night drives (as per availability) 


Nankuse Foundation Wildlife Volunteering Namibia, Africa
Nankuse Foundation Wildlife Volunteering Namibia, Africa
Lifeline Clinic




This invaluable clinic is based in Nambia's rural east, providing free primary health care services to more than 3,500 patients every year. This is achieved through both clinic based healthcare and outreach through the region. 

More than 40% of patients treated are children and over 90% are from the San community, the oldest indigenous inhabitants of Southern Africa. A large focus of the work is to tackle the tuberculosis (TB) and malnutrition burdens within the San population. 

Everyone's help is vital (no medical experience required), and you will assist the doctor and nurse with the running of the clinic and supporting the community at large.

What will you be doing?

- Helping within the clinic to treat endemic issues such as TB
- Assisting in the clinic pharmacy
- Sorting and distributing donations
- Assisting at outreach sessions 
- Participating in the twice-weekly feeding programme
- Helping within the education room


Nankuse Foundation Wildlife Volunteering Namibia, Africa
Nankuse Foundation Wildlife Volunteering Namibia, Africa




For experienced riders with existing equine skills, this programmes takes place at the Wildlife Sanctuary base and is perfect for those obsessed with all things horses. 

What will you be doing?

- Immersive rides on the reserve
- Taming and raising of any foals
- Halter training
- Introducing horses to human contact
- Cleaning and maintaining horses' camps
- Feeding of horses


Nankuse Foundation Wildlife Volunteering Namibia, Africa




Nestled at the foot of the Naukluft Mountains, Neuras is a desert oasis and one of the driest vineyards in the world. Ancient canyons, geological formations and natural founatains make this a unique research site.

The Neuras Wine and Wildlife Estate has evolved to introduce the beautiful landscape into daily adventure activities, combined with data collection in support of conservation monitoring.

What will you be doing?

- Game counts on the reserve to establish biodiversity
- Monitoring of camera traps
- Hiking and tracking in the Naukluft Mountains
- Assist with the feeding of semi-habituated cheetahs unsuitable for open release
- Wine tour and tasting
- Sossusvlei day excursion

- Seasonal work in assisting with the harvesting and pressing of grapes for Neuras wines and spirits
- Weekly sundowner and sleepout under the stars


Nankuse Foundation Wildlife Volunteering Namibia, Africa
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