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Why come to Africa on a volunteer program?

Joining a volunteer program in Africa is becoming more and more popular every year. It is a way to experience new adventures whilst also giving back to nature and the community at usually a "more for your money" cost. Is joining as a volunteer right for you? There are many options out there for nearly everyone. It can be a great experience for families as well as the perfect adventure for single travellers. It is a way to meet other like minded people from across the world and share in making a hands on, lasting impact on the conservation of Africa's wildlife. What to look for in an ethical wildlife volunteer project? - Volunteers are educated about the threats to wildlife in the region and important challenges faced by the local community and how to make a positive impact. - A portion of your payment goes back into the conservation effort and the local community. - The organisation are pro-active in creating long term, trickle down solutions to aid in conservation efforts and community uplift. What are the major "red flags" to avoid when looking at projects? - Any form of cub petting (particularly with Lion in South Africa), with the story of cubs being abandoned and the "promise" they will be returned to the wild when they are older. Unfortunately, an animal that has been reared by human hands are unable to live a fully wild existence and will sometimes go into the canned hunting trade. - An organisation doesn't want to reveal the partners that they work with. Before sending through an application or payment, really think about what it is you want to do, what you want to learn, how you want to make an impact and ultimately who are you supporting whilst doing so. Always ask questions. If an organisation aren't willing to give you a good answer, then maybe they are not right for you. At Dream Wild Adventures we only support ethical organisations and projects that we trust and have proven they have ethical conservation as their main focus. Contact us to learn more, talk through what you are looking for and ask any questions you may have about how you can start your next adventure.


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